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A Kitchen or Bedroom as unique as you

Meraki Studio is a living-space design company, designing and manufacturing a wide variety of kitchen and bedroom cabinets and accessories according to your specific requirements. Our group of skilled and passionate carpenters will design and manufacture your dream kitchen or bedroom. 
We have 22 years experience in the industry and form part of the Armentum Carpentry Services group. 
Meraki strives to create functional and ergonomically designed living spaces that uniquely suits you as client. Our expert design team will work with you to design the best solution that fits your style and budget, whether it is an elaborate kitchen set-up or a simple, functional cabinet for your bathroom. Our team is committed to providing only the best quality and service at all times. 
Our factory is fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery and this allows us a complete range of in-house manufacturing capabilities, which shortens production time. 
This will ensure an A to Z hands-on approach on all aspects of your dream kitchen or bedroom from concept to completion. 















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Designed and manufactured for the individual with style